SAM Instructional Video

Video created by Taylor Elser and Morgan Bankston while working in the Cannon lab at UGA. 


Startup Procedure

For Touch and Lift-Off test:

  1. Power should be turned off using the switch in the rear of the control box.
  2. Place samples on the stationary table surface, and attach wipes to the moving end.
  3. Using the handwheel at the top of the robot, lower the moving end until it is ~3mm from the surface of the stationary sample.  NOTE:  Make certain that the 2 sample surfaces are not touching!
  4. Loosen the switch on the vertical column (red piece), and move it down until the center is aligned with the top edge of the carriage on the vertical axis.  Tighten the switch in that position.
  5. Check the Swipe On/Off switch and make sure that it is in the OFF position.
  6. Turn the power on at the rear of the control box.
  7. Wait until the force meter at the front initializes and shows a force reading.  If the force is not close to zero, check that the sample surfaces are not touching.  If the sample surfaces are not touching, use the TARE button to rezero the force meter.
  8. NOTE: Both SETPOINT Lights should be off.  (These lights are on the left of the force meter, between the buttons and display.) 
  9. Press the Green start button on the Top of the control box.  The vertical slide will move up to the switch, and back down about a centimeter to the start position.

Changing the Applied Force (Setpoints)

  1. Press SETPTS on the force readout meter.
  2. Setpoint 1 is the first option. It must always be a value lower than the desired contact force.  Setpoint 1 tells the motor to slow down before it reaches the desired force (Setpoint 2).  If the Setpoint 1 value is much smaller than the desired force, it will be more accurate, but it will take more time to reach that force.  If Setpoint 1 is closer to the desired force, it will reach that force quicker.  If Setpoint 1 is too close to the desired force, it may overshoot, and Setpoint 1 will need to be reduced.
  3. Press >/TARE button to move the selection to the right.
  4. Press ^/NT/GRS to change the value of the selection digit.
  5. Press SETPTS again when done to move to Setpoint 2 value.
  6. Setpoint 2 is the desired force.
  7. Press SETPTS several more times until RUN is displayed on the screen.
  8. You may have to press TARE again to re-zero the force meter.

NOTE: If you set a dash on the far left digit, that is a negative force value.

Setting the Timer

The digital timer is used for Touch and Lift-Off mode only.  It controls the time between contact and lift-off.  It does not function in Swipe mode.

IMPORTANT! The timer should never be set to 0.  If you want to run the test with no delay, then set the timer to 00.01 seconds.  This is 10 milliseconds, and is practically no delay for the purpose of general testing.

  1. Use the buttons to change the time.
  2. Make sure that the Underlined S is used.  (countdown in seconds)

Using the Wipe Holder